Thursday, October 28, 2010

LaGrange, North Carolina

We have enjoyed our stay in LaGrange, NC.  The RV Park was great and the price was to Patrick and Teresa's house and hooked up to their electric and water.  It was a fun 3 weeks, but went by too quickly.  We enjoyed Tristain, our 4 year old granddaughter, and Teresa's family.  We went to a family reunion and had some great Carolina pork barbeque.  They cooked the pig and chicken and everyone brought a dish to share.  Some good food.  There were over 50 people in attendance.  Ray got to drive the riding lawnmower around one day and enjoyed mowing the big yard.  The weather was nice most of the time we were there..until this week when it turned hot, humid, wet and windy.  We didn't get any severe weather in the Goldsboro area, but had tornado in the NW part of state near Virginia border. 
Our time is up in North Carolina.  We left this morning and are at Point South KOA, South Carolina.  Tomorrow we will go on to Georgia.  We'll spend 2 nights in Valdosta and visit Ray's Cousin Joyce in Ray City.
Pat & Teresa's Home

Our RV Parking spot

Tristain's play house in the back yard
Teresa's mom lives across the field

Teresa's brothers James and Cliff cutting up the pig

 Teresa's mom, Mary Esther and friend Ray at family reunion

 Teresa, brother James and Tristain

Beautiful sunset over lake

Pumpkin decorating

Tristain is showing grandpa what she learned at Ballet lesson

Tristain trying on her new Christmas dress

Dodger and Larry waiting for a treat

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